Biotic Basics Premium Digest


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Biotic Basics Premium Digest: The True Premium Full-Spectrum Enzyme Supplement for Your Digestion

Biotic Basics Premium Digest is one of the most complete enzyme formulas that you can find. It is a synergistic formulation of 18 plant-based enzymes to help you to properly digest multiple Food Groups – even gluten! It is also Non-GMO.  Premium Digest is formulated to help you breakdown those difficult food groups so you get the proper nutritional absorption.




What are enzymes good for? The digestive enzymes that our body produces are proteins that help the body break down food into nutrients, which your body needs to absorb for energy, growth, cell repair, and other factors that take place daily for your body to benefit.
Enzymes are highly specialized. . Enzymatic breakdown of food is critical for an effective nutrient absorption t is important to know that enzymes are specialized and each one of them is meant to break down a specific type of compound in your food, i.e. one of the compound types listed below:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates / Sugars
  • Lactose
  • Fat
  • Fiber and Plant Cell Walls
  • Gluten


How do enzyme deficiencies show up? Enzyme deficiencies may result in several unpleasant digestive issues, for instance occasional bloating, gas, irregularity and indigestion. Enzyme deficiencies may be caused by a combination of diet, age, and daily habits aka lifestyle.



 Do You Eat Cooked or Processed Food?
Enzymes occur naturally in our foods. Cooking or processing foods actually destroys these enzymes.
Our modern lifestyle heavily relies on processed foods, and cooked foods. This means that mainly we have only the enzymes that our body produces to help us digest the food. However, additionally, as we are getting older, our enzyme production oftentimes decreases.

Occasional Bloating, Gas, Indigestion, And After-Meal Low Energy
Occasionally you may feel bloated, gassy, or get indigestion after a meal, you may benefit from taking Biotic Basics Premium Digest Enzymes. They support your body to absorb and use the nutrients in the food more effectively – which means you may benefit from the enzyme supplement regardless of the type of diet you have.

And if you feel low in energy, especially after meals – you may benefit from our enzyme formula as well.
It is important to choose a digestive enzyme supplement that breaks down fatty foods, short and long chain carbohydrates, fiber & plant walls, as well as proteins.

Using our Biotic Basics Premium Digest capsules will help you notice an overall improvement in your digestion.