Get Skinny Stay Skinny is a company with a mission to help change and enhance people’s lives.  We are grateful to have helped thousands of people achieve and maintain their weight loss goals with ease since 2012. We are equally grateful of the fact that we help individuals and families earn a lot of extra money as Consultant/Entrepreneurs with our company.
To those, individuals and families, extra money can represent a better school for their children, a better neighborhood, travel, or the opportunity to experience a better lifestyle in general.

In a variety of neighborhoods and communities our Consultant/Entrepreneurs are well respected, sought after, and appreciated for their professional dedication to helping people lose weight and fat to become healthy again.  If you are a person who can follow an easy and guided path to success, we have a great company with fantastic financial potential.

The basic traits of our most successful Independent Consultant/Entrepreneurs are very simple.  They are friendly, outgoing, caring, organized, patient and passionate. In addition, our Consultant/Entrepreneurs are usually the center of influence, persevering, and enjoys meeting people.   If you feel as though these qualities describes you, contact us to see how you can get started as a Consultant/Entrepreneur with our company.

We have an easy to follow success plan that will help you to jump start your business.   You will be partnered with an established and successful Consultant/Entrepreneur to guide and assist you with any questions that you may have.

Deep inside you know that you want and deserve an opportunity to showcase your talents but may have been discouraged in the past by friends, family or even yourself.  Now is the time for you to move forward and realize your potential.  So, let’s get your new business started now so that you can begin to make a difference in your life, the lives of your family and the lives of others.

Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy with Get Skinny Stay Skinny:

Join A Dynamic Team!

Superior Training and Assistance

Work From Anywhere

As a Consultant Entrepreneur you will have the tools and support you need to help you succeed with your new business opportunity including your own personalized link and back office.  We are all connected, and in this journey together to find success for each individual and our customers.  We emphasize training so that we can best serve our customers to the fullest.  Know your product so you can advise and guide our customers to and through their weight loss journey.

We feel that Get Skinny Stay Skinny is more than an effective weight loss company, but a MOVEMENT.  The movement is to inspire, enlighten, engage, and encourage our customers to weight loss success and better health.   Let us keep in mind that many of us have been through the same journey in our life and we remember that feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.  Not on our watch!  We believe whole heartedly that our Consultant Entrepreneurs are the Best in the Industry!

When you join Get Skinny Stay Skinny, you join a group of eager and ambitious people who look forward to helping an overweight nation of over 250 million people that struggles with weight and health.
So welcome to the team!  Remember we are all in this together!